The Best Way to Store Woodworking Tools

The Best Way to Store Woodworking Tools

The Best Way to Store Woodworking ToolsThe first question asked by any woodworker is where do you store your woodworking tools? Some people may not even think about the best answer and simply buy the cheapest products available. While it is okay to buy generic products at the grocery store, it is not the best answer if you want to protect your tools and keep them safe.

Woodworking requires a large amount of tools, but many of these tools are not meant to be stored in a small area, but instead kept in a larger, well-organized closet. Woodworking does not mean storage of the tools – it means the proper organization of the tools. You will be amazed at how much space you can free up when you use proper storage methods.

One of the best ways to organize tools is to use drawers that are made specifically for this purpose. This is one place where purchasing a better quality drawer can make a huge difference. You do not have to pay the inflated prices on the more expensive brands of drawer, so why pay more for something that you can easily get for free? Not only will you save money by using cheaper models, but you will also save your woodworking tools from damage.

The best drawer system will usually have several different storage sections, depending on the size of the tools in the drawer. These storage areas can have a padded pad to help protect the tools, which can even have an extra space to hang tools on their end. Each section of the drawer should be either draw or ring-top, and then slide out a section so that you can see what is inside without the entire cabinet moving.

It is a good idea to use a couple of drawers for different pieces of woodworking equipment. Many pieces of furniture have multiple pieces that need to be stored in one compartment. It is better to find a drawer that is designed to hold multiple pieces, rather than the traditional three-compartment cabinet, because the drawer can allow you to fit several pieces in it while still leaving room for other items to be stored separately.

Storage space is not the only issue in a closet, though. All of the tools you use on a daily basis should be neatly stored away in a case that will not take up any more room than necessary. Many woodworkers choose to store tools in file cabinets or even glass shelves, depending on the number of tools they use.

The main point of any storage system is to make sure that the tools are placed in a location that will not be in direct sunlight or will not be near a fire or source of heat. If you have ever used a tool over a period of time, you know that using a tool in a “heat resistant” environment is not ideal.

Woodworking is not just about cutting a board out of wood, but it is about properly storing the tools you use to make that board. If you are going to use a closet, then you should make sure that it provides you with the proper storage for your tools.